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This pre-runner kit is a low-profile, sporty looking kit, made to give your pre-runner a Baja look. Each kit comes equipped with the stinger and two support bars ready to weld to your bumper. Standard dimensions are listed below. If you would like custom measurements, feel free to contact me, or simply include when you purchase the kit.

Stubby Hoop:

-28” wide at the base and roughly 14” tall.

- Option:Tubing: 1 3/4" ERW .100 wall

- Option: Tubing: 1 1/5" ERW

Support Bars:

-Customizable to be cut down to fit your bumper requirements

- Tubing: 1 1/5" ERW


- This item will require minor cutting for fitment and welding to the bumper


- 1.75" Tubing- 15 Pounds

- 1.5" Tubing- 12 Pounds

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